Our History

Founded as a nonprofit in 2021 by Karyn Wejemark, Brandel Aguirre, and Clarinda Marion. 

Clarinda and Karyn met on a fluke.....(or divine appointment) Karyn called about those first four boxes of food, wanting to know if anyone at church could use them, or was there a pantry to take it to. Clarinda got the call only because someone else was gone for a few days, and a fast friendship emerged! Soon the pair were delivering food all over to people in need and had outgrown the small one car garage.

Brandel joined in with a great idea about women's hygiene products and how she carried "stuff" in a purse in her car for homeless women. The idea of Purse.a.veer was born. 

Slowly, God keeps bringing the right people into our path and growing the foundation to the place it is now.