Taking food and goods into communities that are under resourced and underserved. Our vision is to support smaller organizations without recreating the wheel. First we want to ask "Are we doing this because this is the way it has always been done, or is there a better, more effective way?"  Second, we want to see Christ served well in every project. Sounds simple .. This is hard when you are using it as a measuring stick of where to best use YOUR time and resources!  Third, we want to be as consistent as possible. Although we are dealing with food we endeavor to SHOW UP and delivery more than promised!

Turn the Tables 

Pantry Co-op

We don't believe in reinventing the wheel! So many great food pantries and exchange tables are out there, serving their local communities. Access to a little extra resources every month can mean the difference between closing their doors or thriving. Simple things like exchanging items, or borrowing equipment when something breaks. We can help.

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Turn The Tables Pantry Co-op

Drive Thru Food Event

Our Mobile food distributions are the bomb! If you have never seen 3 semi truckloads of food disappear in 3 hours, well, here is your chance. 

Yelm Prairie Christian Center                Sat@10

Lacey PeaceCenterThanksGIVING Nov20@10

Gabby's Kids toy and food Dec 18 & 19 @10

It's Magic.....Drive Thru Food Events

text for info and to volunteer 360-970-8807


Around the world, on any given day, more than 800 million people are menstruating. And at least five million of those lack adequate resources-including supplies, education, and facilities-for managing their periods. Filling the basic need of menstrual hygiene products for homeless and low income people is one key step in helping them become more self-sufficient. That is where we come in...we provide discreet products in new or gently used purses, along with the gospel message and access to community resources.

Empowering women were they live...

 in their purse of course!


Headed up by Karyn Wejemark , our Lacey Homeless Outreach delivers food weekly on Saturday morning in partnership with Peace Center. (as food allows) Our goal is to deliver every box with community resources and the gospel message inside.

Lacey Homeless Outreach

Call Karyn @ 360-970-8807 for info and to volunteer


Clarinda Marion, Jackie LaVerene and countless others have dedicated hours and miles to see nutritious food delivered to the door step of people who might not  otherwise receive it. Whether work schedule or physical condition or transportation issue.. we just want to see people fed in the name of Christ! 

Food Box Delivery .. Our Volunteers are the best!


Headed up by Deborah and Steve Carlson, our Tacoma Homeless Outreach delivers food weekly of Fridays. (as food allows)   Our goal is to deliver every box with community resources and the gospel message inside.

Tacoma Outreach call Deb @ ........  for info and to volunteer